Bree and Jessica’s Final Instant Restaurant

Tonight it was Bree and Jessica’s final instant restaurant. It is just them and Helena and Vikki left to cook in the final instant restaurant round. With Thalia and Bianca at the bottom and facing elimination, will Bree and Jessica score more than 58 and stay safe? Read on to see what they cooked and their scores.


For entree the girls cooked Stuffed Sardines and Orange Reduction and Eggplant & Haloumi Fritters.

Pete had the sardines. The flavour was absolutely “gorgeous”. It was so close to perfection but the fish was overcooked and a little bit tough. Manu had the fritters. He said it was “quite simple”, it was two slices of eggplant with cheese in the middle.


For main Bree and Jessica cooked Chicken Mole with Mexican Rice and Plantains and Braised Pig’s Cheek with Wet Polenta.

Pete had the Chicken Mole. The plantains were crisp and wonderful. But a Mole should have the protein cooked in the sauce and that was a let down. The chicken was cooked beautifully but the sauce was no so good. The sauce should have a hint of chocolate, however it was more like a full chocolate sauce. Manu had the Pig’s Cheeks. Once again, Manu said it was “simple food” but this dish was cooked well. It had great flavours and the cheeks were melt in the mouth.


Bree and Jessica cooked Flan de Café with Coconut & Star Anise Churros and Roasted Peaches with Mascarpone Ice Cream for dessert.

Manu had the Flan de Cafe. It “unbelievable” he loved the churros and enjoyed everything on the plate. It was all beautiful, but, not all together. Coffee doesn’t go with star anise, for example. Pete had the peaches. They took something simple and “elevated it”. This dish worked well together.


Helena and Vikki – 5
Chloe and Kelly – 4
Paul and Blair – 6
Thalia and Bianca – 4

Total: 19/40

Entree – 7
Main – 4
Dessert – 9

Entree – 6
Main – 10
Dessert – 8 

Total: 63/100

Bree and Jessica are safe with a score of 63, which puts them in second place.

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