MKR 2014

MKR’s Chloe James and her long time partner Luke Hartin were married in New York City. With her My Kitchen Rules partner, Kelly Ramsay as the bridesmaid, Chloe planned the menu for the night. Despite “really struggling financially” the couple made it to NY although did sell the rights to her […]

MKR Chloe Wedding

Allegations that My Kitchen Rules is rigged were published by Women’s day. They claimed to have an on-set spy who confirmed that parts of the show were scripted, the contestants were fed lines by the producers and drama between teams was encouraged. There were also allegations that the teams took […]

Is My Kitchen Rules Rigged?

MKR Bree and Jessica
The winner of MKR 2014 with a score of 54 was Bree and Jessica. Chloe and Kelly fought hard and their dishes were very well received, but only scored a total of 52 out of 60. View our breakdown and live blog of the MKR final here

Who won My Kitchen Rules 2014?

Chloe and Kelly Quit MKR
Who wins MKR 2014? Tonight it’s Chloe and Kelly vs Bree and Jessica in the My Kitchen Rules Final. Who won tonight? Spoiler: The winner of My Kitchen Rules 2014 is Bree and Jessica Update 21:48PM: Bree and Jessica Karen Martini –9 Guy Grossi – 9 Colin Fassnidge – 9 Liz Egan […]

Who wins MKR 2014?

MKR Bree and Jessica
Update: See who wins MKR 2014 final. Spoiler here. In the MKR Semi Final 2014 Who won tonight? Its Helena and Vikki vs Bree and Jessica. Each team will cook 3 dishes which will be judged by the celebrity judges. Here is what they cooked and we will update you […]

MKR Semi Final 2014 Part 2 – Who won tonight?

The final of MKR on Tuesday night will nail biting with the two teams having a “cat fight”  according to a leading magazine. Obviously this will be Chloe and Kelly taking on either Helena and Vikki or Bree and Jessica. Our guess is it will be Helena and Vikki, what […]

MKR Cat fight

UPDATE: See the results of the second semi final between Helena and Vikki and Bree and Jessica here Who won the first semi final tonight for MKR 2014. It is the first MKR Semi Final with Chloe and Kelly cooking against Paul and Blair. Each team will cook 3 dishes […]

MKR Semi Final 2014 Part 1 – Who won tonight?

MKR Helena and Vikki
Thalia and Bianca have been eliminated from MKR. Helena and Vikki scored a total of 65 to beat Thalia and Bianca who scored 58. The current leaderboard is: Paul and blair – 70 Helena and Vikki – 65 Bree and Jessica – 63 Chloe and Kelly – 59 This means that Paul and […]

Thalia and Bianca eliminated from MKR

Helena and Vikki MKR Octopus recipe
Have Helena and Vikki been eliminated on MKR? Its the final instant restaurant round and they have to score more than 58 to beat Thalia and Bianca. Will they have a meltdown in the kitchen? Spoiler, read what happens live here! UPDATE: Thalia and Bianca have been eliminated from the […]

Is Helena and Vikki eliminated tonight? Find out first!

Tonight it was Bree and Jessica’s final instant restaurant. It is just them and Helena and Vikki left to cook in the final instant restaurant round. With Thalia and Bianca at the bottom and facing elimination, will Bree and Jessica score more than 58 and stay safe? Read on to […]

Bree and Jessica’s Final Instant Restaurant