Who Wins MKR 2013?

The winner of My Kitchen Rules 2013 Australia is… SPOILER ALERT, scroll down for the winner of MKR 2013








Dan and Steph are the winners of My Kitchen Rules 2013!!

Dan and Steph take out a well deserved win with their 5 course meal scoring a 54/60 as compared to Jake and Elle’s 52/60. It was a close battle but their dishes were just that little bit better.


8:27PM: Scores:

Jake and Elle: Judges:  8, 8, 9, 9  Pete:  9  Manu:  9  Total: 52/60
Dan and Steph: Judges:  9, 9, 9, 9  Pete:  9  Manu:  9  Total: 54/60

8:30PM: Both team’s menus are being reviewed by the judges. There are good comments for both teams. It is really coming down to a hairline decision. Will it be dry sausage or dry duck that will send one of the teams home?

8:25PM: Who will win the $250,000? Both teams did an amazing job. Pete: “Manu and I are proud of you, what you did tonight was truly amazing”.

8:21PM: Next up, Dan and Steph’s dish is judged. “What a spectacular finish to the menu”, and Guy Grossi: “slam dunk dessert”. Pete says they have “nailed it”. Could this be the dish of the night?

8:20PM: The judges try Jake and Elles semifreddo first and they absolutely love it. They describe it as “refreshing” and comment that they have done a great job. Guy Grossi thinks the dish is a bit sweet.

8:18PM: Both teams get their last dish done, both dishes look great and there is tears all around.

8:16PM: 2 minutes remaining, Dan decides that the fondant will go on the bottom, both teams are rushing to get the plating done.

8:14PM: 10 minutes to plate up, both teams seem to be doing well. Dan and Steph’s fondant isn’t behaving though and Dan might have to shape it himself

8:05PM: For the final course, Dan and Steph are making a cake base, peppermint fondant topped with a chocolate mousse and peppermint candies, while Jake and Elle are cooking a strawberry and ameretto semifreddo.

8:04PM: Jake and Elle’s dish was “conceptually a good dish”  but the duck wasn’t in the confit enough so was a bit dry.

8:03PM: The judges try Dan and Steph’s lamb first. They love the slow cooking of the lamb and comment it is perfectly cooked. The smokey carrot lifts the dish. Manu is happy with the amount of sauce and thinks its a beautiful dish.

 8:00PM: 1 minute to go, it looks like both teams will make it, Dan and Steph are still worried about not having enough sauce.

7:53PM: Jake is searing his confit duck to get crispy skin, it looks like it might be a bit burnt. Dan and Steph are worried they will run out of stock

7:44PM: For the 4th course, Jake and Elle are cooking a confit duck with an artichoke puree, while Dan and Steph are cooking a lamb roulade, smoked carrots and a pesto.

7:43PM: The judges say Dan and Steph’s dish is a “Whacky take on fish and chips”. The also like the deconstructed tartare but agree the sausage is a bit dry.

7:41PM: Guy Grossi says great job cooking the lobster. Pete says they’ve cooked it perfectly and it is “just georgeous”

7:39PM: With a minute on the clock Elle realises they forgot the lemon foam, so they are rushing to make it.

7:38PM: Jake is rushing, Elle is getting upset and frustrated with Jake. Their lobster dish looks amazing but Elle is breaking down with 2 minutes remaining.

7:30PM: Pete mentions Jake and Elle are behind with Jake not having enough dough. Dan and Steph’s sausages aren’t cooked to Dan’s liking, hopefully they won’t be too dry.

7:26PM: The next course for Dan and Steph is their own creation of flat head sasauge with confit potatoes. Jake and Elle will be making rock lobster with a semolina stack.

7:21PM: Jake and Elle’s dish is a “generous size”. Pete can’t get over how well both teams have cooked their protein. The judges and guests also enjoy this dish. Pete states that one team is just ahead after these two dishes. There are 3 to go.

7:20PM: Dan and Steph’s squab with chestnuts and red current sauce gets a head nod from the judges. Guy Grossi comments its a superbly cooked dish. Manu says its a dish you will see in a fine restaurant. The guests also love the dish.

7:17PM: With 4 minutes remaining, the quail is cooked and is being served with a fig covered with a gorganzola sauce.

7:10PM: With 10 minutes to go, Jake’s quail is still undercooked, Dan and Steph’s squab is cooked perfectly.

7:05PM: Next course, Dan and Steph are making squab and Jake and Elle are cooking stuffed quail.

7:03PM: Jake and Elle’s Wagyu Carpaccio was described as “sexy” and the beef melted in their mouth. The judges and guests also loved this dish. It is going to be a tight competition for the next 4 courses.

7:01PM: The judges will be blind tasting the dishes. Dan and Steph’s Ceviches got a blazing review from both the judges and the guests  for presentation and taste.

7:00PM: The commercials are still going…

6:55PM: Both teams get their entrees out on time, which will the guests like the best? They both look like professional dishes.

6:44PM: Both teams are off to a solid start, its still very early in the show but we see Wagyu Carpaccio and Scallop Ceviches for the entrees.

6:37PM: Jake and Elle with restaurant “Costa Del Sole” and Dan and Steph with restaurant “Decadence” each have to cook 100 dishes tonight.

The My Kitchen Rules finale will be on Sunday at 6.30. We’ll be live blogging with the latest on the final. At this stage Channel 7 is keeping the lid on the result with no spoiler or leaked information out there, apparently the contestants don’t even know! Do you have any updates? Leave a comment!

The battle of the Queenslanders Jake & Elle and Dan & Steph is sure to be nail biting.

Image courtesy of the courier mail

Image courtesy of the courier mail

Over this season of MKR, the following contestants have been eliminated:

  • Ashlee & Sophia (NSW)
  • Jenna & Joanna (SA)
  • Josh & Andi (WA)
  • Kerrie & Craig (VIC)
  • Luke & Scott (NSW)
  • Sam & Chris (VIC)
  • Jessie & Biswa (NSW)
  • Lisa & Candice (WA)
  • Lisa & Stefano (SA)
  • Kieran & Nastassia (WA)
  • Mick & Matt (TAS)
  • Ali & Samuel (TAS)
  • Angela & Melina (VIC)

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