My Kitchen Rules Pasta Controversy – Kerrie and Craig and Josh and Andi MKR

UPDATE: There is another controversy involving Kerrie and Craig and green curry paste (April 1st)

My Kitchen Rules pasta controversy between Josh and Andi and Kerrie and Craig on MKR. Here’s a breakdown of what happened and how it affects the show.

The Controversy

Josh and Andi failed to make pasta for the challenge, it just wasn’t working for them. They were offered some pasta dough from Kerrie and Craig. They had two choices, firstly they could just use instant (packet) pasta for their dish or use the pasta dough from Kerrie and Craig. They decided to go with the latter. As a viewer of the show, this brings up a few questions. Is this plain out cheating? You could have a couple of teams each make their strongest component, then just combine and share with each other. The judges only judge what is on the plate so it doesn’t matter who cooked it.

Secondly, is this contradictory? Early on in the instant restaurant phase of the show, a couple use curry paste from a jar. They didn’t make it from scratch and were penalised for it. How is this any different to using someone else’s pasta dough? I don’t get it.

In the end, it didn’t actually make any difference to the outcome, although Kerrie and Craig had to cook through another round, at the end of the night both teams were safe.

How it affects the show

I don’t believe there are many viewers of the show who thought this was a fair call. The ingredients not cooked by Josh and Andi should not have been judged. The decision shows a lack of consistency in the rules and makes the show less about cooking and more about a popularity contest.

What do you think?

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