What is the MKR Controversy on My Kitchen Rules tonight?

UPDATE #2: There is another controversy involving Kerrie and Craig and green curry paste (April 1st)


Tonight on My Kitchen Rules the controversy surrounding Kerrie and Craig and Josh and Andi was the use of pasta dough. Josh and Andi’s pasta was a failure so they were given some pasta by Kerrie and Craig.

At the judging, the two couples were the two left. Kerrie and Craig became the ones up to face the final cook off. Josh wanted to give their place up for Kerrie and Craig, but the judges wouldn’t allow it.

Is this controversial? Should they have been allowed to use the pasta?

UPDATE: The controversy regarding the two teams has ended up not being a problem as Angela and Melina, the real housewives / italian mothers will face off against Jake and Elle in the sudden death cook off tomorrow.

Published on: Mar 19, 2013 @ 8:20pm

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