Eliminated: Ashlee and Sophia (for now)

After a gruelling elimination round Ashlee and Sophia have been eliminated from the main competition. The girls will now have to cook off in the comeback kitchen against Mick and Matt and Angela Melina.

The girls lost the final elimination challenge against Sam and Chris after choosing their key ingredient. Ashlee and Sophia cooked sautéed kidneys with steamed buns however they overcooked the kidneys and managed to undercook their steamed buns. Despite being the champions of Asian cooking in the show they bombed out by a single point cooking an asian dish.

How do you see the judging decisions at this point in the competition? The judges seemed very lenient on being served doughy, almost inedible buns while judging a near perfect dish as pedestrian.

It will be an interesting comeback kitchen episode this weekend. There is no doubt we’ll see these two back in the main competition, although Colin Fassnidge may not be as scared of judging the girls as Pete and Manu seem to be.

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