MKR 2013

After a long season of My Kitchen Rules, who won MKR 2013 and what are they doing now? The winner of this season was announced after serving a five course meal to 20 people. The winner of My Kitchen Rules 2013 is Dan and Steph who took out the title […]

Who Won MKR 2013?

The winner of My Kitchen Rules 2013 Australia is… SPOILER ALERT, scroll down for the winner of MKR 2013               Dan and Steph are the winners of My Kitchen Rules 2013!! Dan and Steph take out a well deserved win with their 5 course meal […]

Who Wins MKR 2013?

The winner of My Kitchen Rules has been kept under tight wraps, with confirmation that Channel 7 have actually filmed two different endings. The courier mail has posted the story indicating that the final episode was actually shot before the first episode of the season even aired on Australian TV. […]

My Kitchen Rules Final 2013

After a gruelling elimination round Ashlee and Sophia have been eliminated from the main competition. The girls will now have to cook off in the comeback kitchen against Mick and Matt and Angela Melina. The girls lost the final elimination challenge against Sam and Chris after choosing their key ingredient. […]

Eliminated: Ashlee and Sophia (for now)

The shock twist for Jenna and Joann on My Kitchen Rules was revealed on Sunrise where we will see the domestic goddesses compete again.  The team will now enter the come back kitchen where will face off against Nick and Matt and Angela and Melina on Sunday night. The team where heartbroken […]

Shock Twist for Jenna and Joanna MKR

MKR New Rivalry
A new rivalry on My Kitchen Rules tonight between the cupcake queens (Jenna & Joanna) and Ashlee and Sophia. We know that this involves some stealing of ingredients and other couples not willing to cook an Asian cuisine to the benefit of Ashlee and Sophia. The show needs to clarify […]

MKR New Rivalry Tonight on My Kitchen Rules

MKR’s Josh and Andi are having a baby so soon after starring in My Kitchen Rules. The dating hipsters from WA have been together for two and a half years. They have kept the news secret, even at the January 30 launch of the show. We wish the couple all […]

Josh and Andi Pregnant

UPDATE: There is another controversy involving Kerrie and Craig and green curry paste (April 1st) My Kitchen Rules pasta controversy between Josh and Andi and Kerrie and Craig on MKR. Here’s a breakdown of what happened and how it affects the show. The Controversy Josh and Andi failed to make pasta for the […]

My Kitchen Rules Pasta Controversy – Kerrie and Craig and ...

The latest couple to be eliminated from MKR were from a sudden death cook off between Angela and Melina and Jake and Elle. Who was eliminated from My Kitchen Rules? Angela and Melina. This was a much expected elimination of the “Italian Mummas” who have been struggling to keep up […]

Who was eliminated from My Kitchen Rules?

UPDATE #2: There is another controversy involving Kerrie and Craig and green curry paste (April 1st) SPOILER ALERT Tonight on My Kitchen Rules the controversy surrounding Kerrie and Craig and Josh and Andi was the use of pasta dough. Josh and Andi’s pasta was a failure so they were given some pasta by […]

What is the MKR Controversy on My Kitchen Rules tonight?