mkr elimination curtis stone
Who was eliminated from MKR tonight? It is the first elimination in this round and Curtis Stone will be the guest judge. The losers from last night’s challenge, the black team, will all cook off with Curtis, Pete and Manu as judges and the other teams as guests. The two […]

MKR Elimination Curtis Stone Challenge

Tim and Dee
Tim and Dee, married couple from Sydney have to beat Carmen and Lauren’s score of 51 to avoid MKR elimination tonight. The team are making a Spanish menu. For entree, Tim and Dee are making Lentejas, a Spanish lentil soup with chorizos. For main, they are making Albondigas con Patatas […]

MKR Elimination – Tim and Dee’s Instant Restaurant

Zana and Gianni
It is the first elimination of My Kitchen Rules 2016. Zana and Gianni’s instant restaurant is the last instant restaurant in the round and the lowest team on the leaderboard will be eliminated. Who was eliminated from My Kitchen Rules? Currently Cheryl and Matt are in last place. Zana and […]

MKR 2016 First Elimination – Zana and Gianni

Ash and Camilla Braised Mushrooms with Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe.
Tonight’s My Kitchen Rules Competition was a 3 way challenge between Eva & Debra, Emma & Jane and Ash & Camilla. The winner will go straight through to the finals rounds. The night was split into two rounds. Round 1 The first round in the MKR elimination was a test of precision. The […]

My Kitchen Rules Sunday Night Eva & Debra vs Emma ...

Eva and Debra Five-Spice Panna Cotta with Poached Pear Recipe
Who was eliminated from My Kitchen Rules Tonight? It is Kat and Andre cooking off against Eva and Debra in an elimination show down at kitchen headquarters. Entree During entree, Kat and Andre struggled with the preparation of all their dishes. For entree, they made a Gnocchi with Pumpkin and Sage […]

My Kitchen Rules Elimination – Kat and Andre vs Eva ...

Sheri & Emilie Prawn Linguine Recipe
Tonight was a My Kitchen Rules sudden death elimination. As losers of the group challenge, Eva & Debra and Sheri & Emilie are facing off tonight and one team will be eliminated. See the eliminated scores below. Entree For entree, Sheri & Emilie made a Beef Carpaccio with Truffle Mayonnaise recipe. The […]

Who was eliminated tonight? Eva & Debra vs Sheri and ...