My Kitchen Rules – Dan and Steph (QLD)

Image courtesy of Channel 7

Image courtesy of Channel 7

Dan and Steph are a young married couple from Hervey Bay. The two have made it into the My Kitchen Rules final to face off against Jake and Elle.

Dan is most well known for his love of meat and says “I love to cook meat. I make my own sausages. My big passion
at the moment is snags”. He even has a smoke house in his backyard. During the instant restaurant round though, Dan’s sausages didn’t impress the judges, however he made up for it with a perfectly cooked blood sausage in the finals rounds.

Steph on the other hand loves to bake. “Chocolate ganache cake, lime tarts with toasted coconut on top. I will try anything, give anything a crack.”.

Will the couple be able to take out Jake and Elle? Find out who wins MRK 2013.

Last Updated 27/04/2013

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