mkr contestant josh and amy
This year’s MKR Contestants 2017 are fresh and ready to cook! Things are about to heat up and so far we know about these contestants: The Seafood King and Queen Josh and Amy The Mighty Mums, Kelsey and Amanda Just Friends, David and Betty The Fiery Foodies, Amy and Tyson […]

MKR Contestants 2017

MKR Contestants Lynn and Tony are a husband and wife team from Queensland. The couple are originally from South Africa and met while Lynn was a restaurant manager. She asked Tony to move and when he didn’t, she threw a cheeseburger in his face. Lynn and Tony have been married […]

Lynn and Tony My Kitchen Rules 2015 Contestants

Rob and Dave are best mates from Queensland. They enjoy fishing, golf, cooking, eating, entertaining. The MKR team love cooking and met when their kids were in the same primary school. The boys both own their own business in QLD and have admitted that desserts aren’t their strong point.

Rob and Dave My Kitchen Rules 2015 Contestants

Drasko and Bianca are My Kitchen Rules 2015 Contestants from Western Australia. The team are ultra competitive with everyone, including each other. The couple first met when they were journalists in Broome. Being born in Serbia, Drasko has a love for traditional Serbian food, mostly involving Barbecue. The team however […]

Drasko and Bianca My Kitchen Rules 2015 Contestants

Rose and Josh are the first My Kitchen Rules mother and son team. The MKR 2015 contestants are from Victoria. Rose is an education support teacher and Josh is the youngest MKR contestant, a 19 year old commerce student. Rose is originally from Uruguay so the team have a Spanish influence […]

Rose and Josh My Kitchen Rules 2015 Contestants

Carol and Adam are a recently married couple from New South Wales. The couple were previously married and have 7 children between them. The couple are very competitive. Carol is a fitness instructor and Adam is an ex-professional tennis player having reached up to the top 300 in the word.

Carol and Adam MKR 2015 Contestants

Matt and Rob are best mates from Melbourne in Victoria. The two were marine biologists but three years ago decided to both buy an oyster farm in Coffs Harbour. Rob’s cousin is Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor in the movie and starred in Home and Away. Their dream is to […]

Matt and Rob My Kitchen Rules Contestants 2015

Eva and Debra are workmates and friends from Western Australia. The two became friends over the same love of food. They both love the same types of food and love cooking. Eva loves curries and her inspiration is her mum. Debra’s inspiration is her dad and loves asian cooking.

Eva and Debra My Kitchen Rules 2015 Contestants

Gina and Anna are a mother and daughter team from Canberra in the ACT. They are a very confident team and determined to start their own restaurant chain in Canberra. Gina and Anna both work on Gina’s school uniform business and say that they almost do everything together.

Gina and Anna My Kitchen Rules Contestants

Annie and Llyod are a couple of teenage sweethearts from South Australia. The 23 year old couple have been together since they were 16 years old and love to host parties. They have been perceived as the “nice” couple in the competition so far.  

Annie and Lloyd MKR 2015 Contestants