Pete Evans

Pete Evans is a renowned Australian Chef, Restaurateur and TV presenter. He has a serious of recipe books and his own lines of cookware and utensils. Most famously though, Pete Evans is a much loved judge on My Kitchen Rules Australia.

“I love good, honest, humble food cooked with love. And if there is a wow factor to a dish then that is an added bonus and can be what separates a good meal from a great meal.”

Pete Evans loves good healthy and honest food which has been reflected in his cooking and recipes. He is currently studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Evans’ dreamy blue eyes catch the hearts of Australian audiences and contestants alike.

Pete Evans is very active on twitter and also runs his own website.

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2 thoughts on “Pete Evans

  • Peter Barnes

    Sorry guys ,
    But this show has become a like a gossip show .
    it focuses on the gossip and drama between the contestants rather then the food.
    My wife enjoys cooking shows but says this show is not in the same class as Masterchef .
    When the contestants are more interested in playing the game then cooking .
    Enjoy your fame and money while it lasts , for your reputation as chefs will suffer for it.

  • Jackie Henson

    Hi my name is jackie henson from Eden nsw Australia i bought the winning sauce todayand use it for dinner tonight and I did enjoy it but it was a bit runny i thought it would be thicker then I thought sorry thanks