Who Won MKR 2017?
It is the MKR Grand Final, Amy & Tyson vs Valerie & Courtney. Who won MKR 2017? Find out who the winner is and what their score first here. It has been a long journey through the My Kitchen Rules Season to the MKR Grand Final, who will win this final […]

Who Won MKR 2017?

mkr semi final 2
It is Semi Final 2 tonight, one team will make it to the grand final. Who will be eliminated from MKR tonight and who will win MKR for 2017? Like last night, the contestants must cook a three course meal for the judges, the team that scores the highest will […]

Semi Final 2 – Tim & Kyle vs Valerie & ...

MKR Semi Final 1
It is the first semi final for My Kitchen Rules 2017 and it’s Amy & Tyson vs David & Betty. Who will win and make it to the MKR Grand Final? The contestants have to cook three courses Here is what they are cooking Amy & Tyson Entree – Squab […]

Semi Final 1 – Amy & Tyson vs David & Betty ...

quarter final 4 mkr elimination
It is quarter final 4 on MKR tonight and someone will be eliminated, the last challenge before the semi-final who’ll be eliminated tonight? In round 1, the contestants have 90 minutes to cook a three course dish and the judges will taste the dishes as soon as they are finished. […]

Quarter Final 4 – Who was eliminated from MKR tonight?

mkr quarter final elimination
Tonight is the third quarter final on MKR and someone will be eliminated from My Kitchen Rules tonight. The teams have to fix their past mistakes. Amy & Tyson had the dish of the day in the last episode so they have an extra 10 minutes. Here are what the […]

Quarter Final 3 – Who was eliminated from MKR tonight?

Tonight on MKR there are 7 teams remaining. It is finals week so one team will be eliminated tonight. Tonight’s challenge is in two rounds. The first round is an inventiveness test. The teams will choose one type of meat and create three different types of dishes using that meat. There […]

Finals Week. Who will be eliminated?

MKR Finals Week
It is finals week on MKR and one team will be eliminated each night until the final. Who will be eliminated from MKR tonight? The first round is to cook a breakfast dish, two teams will compete against each other from opposite ends of the MKR leaderboard. Round 1 – […]

Finals week – Who is eliminated from MKR?

Tonight Josh and Amy cook to stay in the competition. Who was eliminated from MKR tonight? Will it be Josh & Amy or Karen & Ros? MKR Scores Contestants: 19/70 Pete Entree (whitebait) – 4 Main (pork belly adobo) – 2 Dessert – 1 Manu Entree (seafood chowder) -3 Main (blue […]

Josh and Amy Ultimate Instant Restaurant – Who was eliminated?

Tonight is David & Betty’s turn to cook in their Ultimate Instant Restaurant. Can they beat Karen & Ros to stay safe from MKR elimination. Here’s what they are cooking. Entree Bo La Lot – Grilled Wagyu Beef in Betel Leaf Banh Xeo Taco – Vietnamese Pancake Taco Main Or […]

Ultimate Instant Restaurant – David and Betty

Karen Ros Instant Restaurant Scores
Who walks out on MKR tonight? It’s Karen & Ros’ turn to cook but Court & Duncan clash with Josh & Amy. Will they stay or will they leave MKR? Here are Karen & Ros’ dishes. Entree Zesty Prawn Tarts with Asian Salad Coriander Pesto Crumbed Haloumi with Watermelon and […]

Ultimate Instant Restaurant Walk Out – Karen & Ros