Jane & Emma Bombolini Recipe
Tonight’s My Kitchen Rules elimination was Jane and Emma vs Rob and Dave. See who was eliminated from MKR tonight and their scores from the guest judges. Entree For entree, Rob & Dave made a Open Lobster Ravioli recipe. The lobster was cooked perfectly and it was treated with “respect”. Guy […]

Who was eliminated from My Kitchen Rules? Jane and Emma ...

Robert and Lynzey Beetroot and Blood Orange Parfait with Raspberry Sorbet recipe
Who was eliminated from My Kitchen Rules tonight? It was Rob & Dave vs Robert & Lynzey in a My Kitchen Rules elimination at kitchen HQ tonight. Read our review, see the scores and find out who was eliminated from My Kitchen Rules tonight. Entree For entree Rob & Dave […]

My Kitchen Rules Elimination Tonight – Rob & Dave vs ...

Sheri & Emilie Prawn Linguine Recipe
Tonight was a My Kitchen Rules sudden death elimination. As losers of the group challenge, Eva & Debra and Sheri & Emilie are facing off tonight and one team will be eliminated. See the eliminated scores below. Entree For entree, Sheri & Emilie made a Beef Carpaccio with Truffle Mayonnaise recipe. The […]

Who was eliminated tonight? Eva & Debra vs Sheri and ...

Vicki and Celine's Beef Moussaka Recipe
It is the first My Kitchen Rules Elimination in kitchen headquarters for 2015. The losers of the last challenge, Annie & Lloyd and Vicki & Celine are facing off. Each team has to cook 3 courses which will be judged by the guest judges at a blind tasting. Who was […]

My Kitchen Rules Elimination – Annie & Llyod vs Vicki ...

Tonight was the final Redemption Instant Restaurant Round, Katie and Nikki’s Instant Restaurant “Sassy”. It was a close contest between Katie and Nikki and Kat and Andre. Kat and Andre had a score of 57 after their Instant Restaurant. Who was eliminated tonight? With a score of 52, Katie and […]

Who was eliminated from My Kitchen Rules Tonight Redemption?

Katie and Nikki Pork Cutlet with Bacon Sauerkraut and Onion Knodel Recipe
Katie and Nikki were back in the kitchen with their “Sassy” Instant Restaurant. They need to beat Kat and Andre’s score of 57 to stay in the competition. Who was eliminated from My Kitchen Rules Tonight? For Entree, Katie and Nikki cooked a Chicken Livers with Potato Rösti and Garlic […]

Katie and Nikki MKR Instant Restaurant Redemption Scores

Eva and Debra Keralan Fish Moilee Recipe
Tonight Eva and Debra cook in their instant restaurant redemption round. Judging by the commercials, the team get one of the highest score in My Kitchen Rules history. For entree, Eva and Debra made a Prawn Cakes with Peanut and Lime Dipping Sauce recipe. Manu said the entree was “Ridiculous… […]

Eva and Debra’s Redemption Instant Restaurant Scores

Kat and Andre's Zuppa di Pesce Recipe
Tonight is Kat and Andre’s turn at their MKR redemption instant restaurant. Last time, they used store bought bread, they are determined to wow the judges this time and bake their own bread. For entree, Kat and Andre mande a Veal Involtini recipe. Manu said the veal was tender and […]

Kat and Andre Instant Restaurant Redemption Scores

Jane and Emma Pork Cheek with Apple Cider Jus Recipe
Tonight was Jane and Emma’s turn at redemption with their Instant Restaurant “Wisteria”. Can they remain safe in the competition? The advertising for this episode hinted that there will be the highest score ever in MKR history and it’s the last episode of the week, so most likely. For entree, […]

Jane and Emma MKR Redemption Instant Restaurant Scores

MKR Mushroom Crepe Recipe
Tonight’s MKR instant restaurant was Sheri and Emilie. Last restaurant, they kept their guests waiting so they had to make sure they were on time tonight. During preparation time, Emilie had to go back to the shops to get more Lamb shanks and butter milk. This set the girls back […]

Sheri and Emilie MKR Instant Restaurant Redemption Scores